4025 Cooper Rd,
Eden, MD 21822
(443) 614-0261

Be aware of the weather forecast before camping.  Dress and pack accordingly.

Do not distrub nature more than is necessary.  Set up camp on grounds that appear to have been used before.  Do not take natural artifacts or other hiking memorabilia from the HODC.

When fishing, please remember to practice catch and release.

Be ssure to bring your own firewood.  Do not cut standing trees, bushes, or shrubs for firewood.  Practice safe campfire techniques.  use pre-existing fire rifngs when possible, and make sure campfires are fully extinguished before leaving the camping area.

Tightly seal food and store it out of reach of wild animals.  Do not feed wild animals.

Be considerate of others who may be camping.  Be conscious of loud noises, cell phones, radios, etc.

In the back-country, please defecate 20-30 yards away from campsites and water.  Dispose of bodily waste 6-8″ underground.  Use biodegradable toilet paper, and cover with soil and leaves.

Do not litter.  Be sure to dispose of any trash at the proper sites located near the HODC lodge.  Remember to take your trash with you when you leave HODC.

When hiking, please stay within the HODC boundary and do not trespass on our neighbor’s property.

Do not drink from natural water sources.

Do not use soap to wash yourself, clothing, or dishes within 50 yards of water.

Carry out what you carry in.  Practice “leave no trace” camping and hiking.  Leave campsites looking better than when you arrived.

Before you leave the HODC lodge, please sweep the floor, wipe off the tables, mop the bathroom floor,a nd wipe down the sinks and toilet.  Please leave the lodge neat and orderly, and report anything in need of repair.